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Detecting the time not only means knowing what time it is, but also understand how long it takes in doing a certain thing, that this is a training run or a competitive race.

The stopwatch timer is that clock or sports with which you can time with precision timing in a race like a running race, a bicycle race or a ski race. These timers can be small measuring instruments of the time that fit in the palm of a hand or measurement systems more complex time as those used by Official Timer ChampionChip (OTC) during sports competitions.

The timers used by OTC serve to establish with precision the execution time during a sports performance as it can be in a cycling or running race. In these cases the sports stopwatch starts at zero minutes, zero seconds, and zero tenths of seconds, you have to be extremely precise in order to determine first place in a race.

During the running and cycling races usually the stopwatch is started and stopped in an automatic way, since in these races is very important to determine the speed and also establish the tenths of a second. The automatic chronometer will start, thanks to specific commands, in perfect synchronization with the beginning of the race and will always stop in an automatic way thanks to specific commands, often with a photoelectric cell, depending, however, the sports competition type, which stops the stopwatch the passage of the competitor in the race. In circuit racing chronometers used possess additional commands, such as the one that detects the intermediate times between an athlete and another.

The start of the timer in a completely automatic as that provided by OTC, makes it impossible for any human error and is extremely important in speed races, where winning or reaching a new record are sometimes referred to by hundredths of a second.

The Official Timer ChampionChip ensures the measurement of the real time for each single athlete, an accurate precision in the management of the times and the charts and a precise determination of the order of arrival of the participants in the race.

For those who practice sports at a competitive level, the clock is virtually a tool which can not help but also amateurs who want to monitor their progress can benefit from the use of this accessory.

In fact cycling is important to maintain the pace of pedaling frequency (usually around 90 cycles per minute in plan), but this is not very simple, for this reason the use of a stopwatch may be indispensable to learn the correct pedaling rhythm, go in time with the acoustic signal, do not exit the optimal pedaling frequency.

What are you waiting started to work out for the next race in cycling and started using a suitable timer to your workout needs and if in addition to workout on road or track does not give up a workout at home but you need to change your exercise bike, is the site for you.

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